Truro Jam Night

Last Monday’s Jam at The Old Ale House in Truro saw an absolutely stellar line up of Cornwall legends, past and present. Gathered under one very hot and sweaty roof to celebrate Steve Hickmott’s birthday were members of Area 51, The Pick Ups, The Olives, High Voltage, Godstone, 558, Flycatcher Funk, Snake Oil and many other local musicians.


The Olives came out in force to help Steve celebrate and performed at different times throughout the night – treating us to some great Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine numbers from their old set (with Rob on Bass, and Nick on vocals) as well as The Darkness and other material by their current line up (with Doug on Bass and Jake on vocals). Steve was on fire for all, and Keith was well… Keith 😀

There was also great music from The Jam regulars, along with some great ‘hybrid’ treats such as Dakota by members of High Voltage, the Olives and Bob from The Pickups.


Then finally towards the end of the night – the long awaited, for one night only, oooh we were just so excited, reunion of Area 51.  The anticipation in the room was tangible and of course they didn’t disappoint – despite only rehearsing the numbers on the pavement outside the pub just before they went on! (so profesh!). The only thing that was missing was the fan for Mike P’s gorgeous hair… Keith’s home made one not really being up to the job 😀


Great music, great night, great pub!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the night, and to the Old Ale House for he free food. Photo credits go to Charlotte Prudoe – hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of Charlotte’s wonderful work on here as she has kindly agreed to write some gig reviews for the website – so watch this space!



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