Festival, festivals, festivals…

Festivals, festivals, festivals.. I love a good festival!


In all my years of attending festivals I finally ticked off going to a festival abroad from my bucket list. The line up looked amazing, I was already going to be in Europe so the decision was made… Let’s go to Rock Werchter!! Erm…. Where?! No, I hadn’t heard of it either. I discovered this festival whilst checking out where other than Download, System of a Down were playing. Download is my usual go to festival but this year’s line up just didn’t excite me. When Rock Werchter popped up I was intrigued, the line up literally rocked.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my experiences, talk about the differences, the similarities, the highs and the lows of my first festival abroad. Hopefully you’ll share some of your festival stories with me, the best, the worst and some of your most memorable festival moments.

stage2So. First things first. A little about the festival itself. Rock Werchter is held in the village of Werchter, near Leuven, in Belgium. It has been running since 1976 and in recent years has won the Arthur award for Best Festival in the World a staggering 6 times. The festival spans 4 days, has 3 stages and hosts up to 100 thousand people. Weekend tickets are around €236 plus camping. Camping options are quite extensive so whether you are going as a couple or a large group you can find something to suit your budget. I must admit this was my main holiday this year so we glamped. I am not ashamed, I loved it and if I can afford to do it again in the future I will (I’m getting too old for pop up tents and sleeping on the ground!) The main arena itself is like being in a big park. I loved the fact that there were trees. Seems a silly little detail but it really seemed to set the scene and had something to do with the atmosphere there. I need to think on that some more so will come back to it later.

So there you go, hopefully that sets the scene a little so tell me… What festivals have you been to and were any abroad? If I were to go abroad again what festival should I go to?

Next time I’ll talk a bit about security. After the events of recent times I know this was a concern for us and our families. Travel and camping vs glamping.

Signing off, Charlotte



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