An evening with Even Nine

Even Nine (E9) are a 3 piece band from Helston in Cornwall. They write their own material and their defining sound is a combination of powerful drums, energetic guitars and heartfelt vocals. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen them now but they never disappoint and they are consequently one of my favourite bands currently on the local Cornish scene. Despite a hectic schedule at the moment, Even Nine were lovely enough to meet up for a chat about the band, their influences and what they might do next…

Thank you all for agreeing to meet… first question I just wondered where the name Even Nine came from?

Rick: We liked the idea of it not suggesting anything specific or suggesting a music style
Jody: We liked the sound of the words together.
Rick: The meaning is about nights out Brett and I had during the time it took to think of name 😀

How many years have you all been friends?

Rick: We’re not friends
Jody: Rick and I are brothers not friends! 😀

Sorry 😀
How many years have you all known each other then…

Jody: I’ve known him [Rick} all my life (he’s older than me!)
Rick: I’ve known Jody since I was 2
Jody: We’ve known of Brett’s legend since 2001
Brett: Haha, I met them in 2001ish
Jody: I was in a band called Loco, Rick was at music school and we met Brett on the scene. He was playing in a band called Himjamma

So what made you decide to work together?

Brett: A friend introduced me to them when they were looking for a drummer  …and they couldn’t find anyone else with hair as bad as theirs
Jody: Rick and I wanted to write some songs and when we had a few on the go we looked for a drummer and bass player.
Rick: We all had similar tastes in music and influences… Similar desires with where we wanted to go with music
Jody: We didn’t find a bass for a long time so we just jammed and wrote and recorded as a 3 piece until a bass player came along!

And did you instantly gel?

Rick: Yes, straight away
Brett: Yes we got on straight away.
Jody: Rick’s the only one that gels. Brett uses some kind of spray
Rick: Hahahahaha
Brett: **** 😀

What were your influences back then?

Jody: Mine included Counting Crows and Bruce Springsteen. Still are. Also bands of the time like Matchbox Twenty and Maroon 5… When Maroon 5 were good!
Rick: For me – rock riffs, pop melodies, Counting Crows style lyrics
Brett: Maroon 5 were on the scene in the early days and we loved their sound so some of the stuff had influences of theirs
Jody: I also liked early Train!
Rick: I was influenced by lots of other styles – jazz, blues, classical, folk, metal and loved Radiohead
Jody: …and we should mention that Rick and I were brought up on The Who and The Beatles, ELO, Creedance… I still love that stuff!

And how have your influences changed then over time? Do you all lean the same way or have you gone in different directions at all?

Brett: I’m a keen lover of female singer song writers as well as rock. I love grasping influences between the two genres…
Rick: I think mine are similar to what they were, I’m open to anything….. But we all share loves (and some dislikes!)
Jody: Yes, I’m still a massive fan of Springsteen! I probably lean towards singer songwriters but listen to all sorts of rock bands and pop radio as well

Out of the original work that you’ve done, do you have any favourites? And do you agree on what those favourites are?

Jody: My favourites change daily!
Rick: If writing set lists is anything to go by we don’t agree that much! [laughter]
Rick: I find it really hard to pick a favourite or favourites that we’ve written, I think I’m proudest of lyrics in certain songs… Jody?
Brett: I have favourites from all our albums/ep’s. I love ‘Falling’ from the early days, ‘Constellations’ from the ‘No Hero’s’ album, right up to stuff like ‘Sweet Anarchy’ from the current album…
Jody: I’m probably most proud of ‘Empires’ (the song), ‘Snowblind’, ‘Love, Loss and The Truth’… ‘Nothing Will Be The Same Again’… [from ‘The Lights Are Too Bright To See’]

They certainly are really powerful those songs… Would you say ‘Empires’ is the album that you are most happy with / proud of?

Rick: Good question…
Jody: Probably. Yes.
Rick: Probably, but I think ‘The Lights Are Too Bright To See’ is about the same for me.
Brett: Personally it’s the album that ticks most of the boxes for me. In song writing, production and overall vibe… I think we all smashed it in the recording process this time.

Well I love them all, but I think I agree on the recording 🙂

Jody: Thank you!

What about collaborations with other artists, like on the charity single ‘Snowblind’, do you anticipate doing any more work like that?
…and is there anyone particular you would like to work with?

Jody: Anyone other than these two 😂
Brett: No there are no plans to work with anyone at the moment, but who knows what the future holds?
Rick: Kezia was just amazing but I needed a little convincing, as the song was so personal… I’m not sure really,.. if I’m honest I haven’t really thought about it.
Jody: I’m not sure either. I quite fancy the idea of writing with others – for the experience maybe more than anything! Kezia was my idea!!
Rick: I’ll give you that Jody – one good idea! 😀

Well I’m sure we are all very excited to see which way things go in the future… have you got anything in the pipeline for the next year that you can tell us about?

Jody: We’re actually talking through ideas now! I’m keen to play as many gigs around the country as possible. Plus we have video ideas on the go. I guess we’ll keep plugging away at Empires for the foreseeable future.
Rick: We’re keen to bring Empires to as many people as possible and we have some exciting music videos planned.
Brett: I’d like to play more festivals next year, tour and make more videos.. We have lots of ideas in the pipeline…

Well this was most of the conversation (the bits I could publish anyway).
In my opinion, Even Nine are a fantastic band and if you haven’t seen them yet – please do check them out! Live Bands wishes them all the best with Empires and with Snowblind in particular.

Editors note: Snowblind was written about Rick’s son, who was born with a rare, life-threatening disease. It has been released as a charity single with all money raised going to Cots For Tots. You can download the single here to help raise funds for this amazing charity.

Details & Links:

Albums: Empires (2017), The Lights Are Too Bright To See (2013), No Heroes Anymore (2008)
Awards: “Best Music Act 2016” – The WOCA Awards
Supported: Feeder, Reef, Fun lovin’ Criminals, Dr John, Rooster and Thunder
Other: Tipped by Music Week magazine as one of the ‘hottest unsigned bands

Where to see them:

Debi @ Live Bands

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