Vicious Disco Are a Go Go

They’re getting the band back together! After more than a 3 year break Vicious Disco are getting ready to burst back on to the scene. For those who don’t remember them, Vicious Disco consists of Keef on bass, Jamie on vocals, Simon on drums and Drew on guitar.

I caught up with them last night for a chat, to find out a bit more about the band and what they have coming up.

Hey guys, so when did you first form and how did you meet up?

Drew: In a brothel 😀
Jamie: Well Drew’s boss got engaged and wanted a band for the party. Drew and I used to drink in the same pub and he asked me if I wanted to sing in a one off gig.
Drew: Keef was a guitarist, I asked him to stop playing guitar and pick up the bass coz he was useless at guitar…
Keef: Cheeky B**ch!!
Drew: He wasn’t really useless. Si wasn’t the original drummer, my friend from Bristol played first. I used to watch Jamie at karaoke and thought he was too good for that and needed a live band behind him.

So how did it go?

Jamie: It went really well, the landlord of the Galleon wanted to book us, but we said we weren’t a band, and he offered us 3 bookings if we formed properly.
Keef: Greedmonkey had split and I wasn’t doing much…
Drew: That was 10 years ago.

And Vicious Disco was born! How did you come up with name and can you remember any you rejected?

Jamie: That was Drew…?
Drew: Something evil with something cheesy, that’s all. Can’t remember any other names to be honest.
Jamie: We regretted the name after a little while. People kept saying they weren’t coming to where we were playing because they thought it was a disco.
Keef: Oh yeah, people thought we were a disco or a sex disease!
Drew: (laughing at Keef) Yeah, bit annoying.
Jamie: But by that time our name was already known.

Who approached who about getting back together?

Drew: I was asked last I think. These guys had the chat.
Jamie: I think I asked you first (Drew), I knew you were busy and if you weren’t up for doing it, I probably wouldn’t have bothered.
Drew: Ah, OK.

So how come you disappeared from the scene?

Jamie: I bust my leg and was out of action for 4 months and we kind of dropped off the scene.
Simon: It was getting a bit like work, gigging loads… Good to have a break for a bit…

How long has it been since you last performed together?

Keef: Last week… In Si’s bed
Drew: 4 years?
Jamie: (Laughs at Keef) It was 3 years ago in April.
Keef: Really? Wow long time.

Are you feeling nervous about getting back in front of a crowd?

Jamie: I am, these guys aren’t!!
Keef: Nah. Drew: Nah will be fun, I’m hoping to get obliterated.

Any songs you are particularly looking forward to doing again? Anything new?

Drew: I’m looking forward to doing Word Up, Cameo.
Jamie: That is a good one one but Filthy Gorgeous is probably my favourite, mostly because of Keef’s backing vocals.
Drew: Ha, true.
Keef: Filthy definitely, it’s been a while.
Simon: Always funny.
Drew: Looking forward to a new Killers one.
Keef: And some 80’s revival.

You have Par and Truro coming up, any other gigs in the works?

Jamie: Nothing yet, but we’ve put our names in to some old haunts.

What other projects have you been involved with over the years?

Jamie: I didn’t, but the rest of them had stuff going on.
Drew: Si was in a death metal band before, can’t remember the name, I was in Seven Days Awake and as Keef said he was in Greedmonkey.
Simon: I was in Nook from Falmouth before..
Drew: Keef and I are in another band called Cove.

That’s brilliant. Anything anyone would like to add?

Jamie: Well I do – really looking forward to getting back out there and gigging again, but it’s really nice being back in touch with these guys, it’s a proper laugh.
Drew: Yeah joking aside I think we lost touch a bit and now we’re having a laugh again.

Well I for one am very much looking forward to seeing you again. It was always a fun night! Thank you.

Drew: Thanks.
Keef: It will be!
Jamie: Looking forward to seeing you too!

Well judging by the banter going on between the guys, a lot of which I could not publish, they are certainly having a great time getting ready to hit the pub circuit again! I remember singing and dancing along every time I went to see them and I am expecting them to get a very warm welcome back. Check them out at the Royal Inn, Par on August 4th and the Old Ale House, Truro on August 12th or at the Galleon, Fowey on the 15th September (added since the interview).

Live Bands wishes you the best of luck!


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