Hypophora + The Rezner

It is fair to say that on Friday 04/08/17, after a stressful week of hard work and being ill with colds, neither Charlotte or I were in a party mood when we set out. That changed however within about 3 minutes of arriving at Bunters to see Hypophora and The Rezner. The place was packed and the atmosphere was pumped with adrenaline, and very infectious! So much so that within a very short time we were grinning our heads off and bouncing along with everyone else whilst Charlotte yelled excitedly “This is just like B-Sides used to be!”. It went on to be an absolutely brilliant night!

Photos by Charlotte Prudhoe

Love at first sight is a thing and it didn’t even take half a song before I was infatuated. Think Paramore meets The Foo Fighters but with their own unique style – its definitely a mix to get your heart racing!

This 4 piece, female fronted Alt Rock band from Truro deliver a hard hitting and fairly frantic live show. It is so good to see a strong female lead in an original Cornish band, and warrior fierce Katie McConnell’s vocals are superb. Meanwhile Karum Cooper on guitar is so magnetic that I had to literally prize my eyes off him to watch the rest of the band, Lewis Pilcher (Bass) and James Farmer (Drums). Karum’s tigger-like bouncing however just drew them back again and again, and judging from Charlottes photo’s from the night, he did the same to her 🙂

Photos by Charlotte Prudhoe

The Rezner
I’d seen the name The Rezner popping up on facebook quite a bit recently and wanted to check them out as I’d only heard good things about their recent appearances at The Great Estate Festival and Leopallooza.  Formed less than a year ago (September 2016) these Truro College students seem destined for good things and already have an eager live following  and interest from a number of radio stations such as ‘BBC introducing with David White’. I’d also heard they were headlining Boardmasters 2017’s BBC introducing stage later in the month.

They absolutely did not disappoint = their hugely energetic on-stage presence hooks the audience from the moment the music starts. To me they had a very ’90’s Manchester’ vibe  but this may have been due to cocky and charismatic Sam Stone (vocals and lead guitar)  who could easily give the Gallagher brothers a run for their money. Redley Flowerdew on rhythm guitar and vocals also has huge presence and together with Jose Barradas on drums and bassist Liam Palmer they do seem to have that special, hard to define, “something” that hopefully means they will go far…

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Review by: Debi

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