3 Daft Monkeys – Arrr!

Were you at Pirates On The Prom,  Penzance’s 2nd attempt to take back the Guinness World Record title as ‘Largest Gathering of Pirates’? Live Bands Cornwall were and it was awesome!

You just know its going to be a good day when you hastily cobble together a pirate costume and head to the station to find the platform full of VERY friendly people shouting “Arrr!” at you and offering round bottles of rum. One very noisy and hilarious train ride later we arrived into Penzance and spilled out onto the streets to find them awash with hundreds more people singing “Drunken Sailor” and shouting “Arrrr!”

As a very rapidly growing throng we headed down The Quay and along to the Western Promenade road to join all the other Pirates amassing on “The Prom”. So many Pirates! I’m not tall so its all I could see in any direction… Pirates of every age, shape, size, colour etc and some of the most impressive costumes ever! When Cornwall dresses as a Pirate, it doesn’t take any prisoners!


It took a lot longer than anticipated but finally, wrist band in place and scanned, so that I counted in the count, I got down to the bottom end of The Prom and headed for the stage – literally seconds before The 3 Daft Monkeys came on! From that point on all I can say is “WOW”. Apparently we didn’t break the record of 14,000 Pirates (they didn’t actually say how close we’d got) but it was one of the best crowd atmosphere’s I’ve ever experienced. From the stage looking back at the ocean of hats, parrots, cutlesses and flags it must have been close to the record and every Pirate there was having a blast!

I love 3 Daft Monkeys anyway and they really were the right band for this gig! Who else could have got so many battle worn, armed to the teeth, Pirates to sway in unison never mind polka and even break into a waltz? (Check out the video on facebook if you haven’t see that yet :D)


What a day – I definitely want to try again next year… are you coming too?

Review by: Debi

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