Coming Up Soon – EZZA

Where: Rugby Club, Falmouth
When: Thursday 28th September 2017,  7.30pm
Who: Ezza (plus DJs)
Tickets: (£10 + £1 booking fee)

Ezza return to Falmouth after their amazing gig in Mono, two years ago.

Ezza are an extraordinary guitar-led Tuareg band from Niger. Their last gig in Cornwall received much public acclaim so don’t miss this one. Tickets are on sale from this weekend in Jam or The Hand in Falmouth, or online (link above).

Here’s an extract from their press release:

“Standing out of previous famous Tuareg bands, the power trio EZZA transforms and brings the Tuareg music off the usual path, blending, without any concessions, modern rock sounds, African pulse, rhythmic trances and relentless groove…. Ezza’s desert blues-rock, three-piece dynamic and soul-stirring melodies,and rebellion-fuelled rhythms, produce a more contemporary sound than previously associated with Saharan music.

DJs African Albert & Easyjet knock out the hip sounds before and after the show. Come early, stay late.”

Based in Toulouse, France since 2010, EZZA are: Omar Adam Goumour  (guitar, vocals), Menad Moussaoui (bass) and Stéphane Gratteau (drums).  “EZZA” is the last letter of the alphabet, and is the symbol of the free man (Amazigh) and resistance. EZZA’s songs explore Niger and Tuareg culture.

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