Newton Faulkner

I was very lucky yesterday to see the lovely and very talented Newton Faulkner… twice… in one day! Whilst Mr Faulkner is from Surrey, he often sings the praises of the fans down here in the south west. Stating he ‘would not be where he is today’ without them.

He’s been in the music business ten years now and his new album, Hit the Ground Running, came out last Friday. This is his first independent release and numbers up until yesterday (Thursday 07/09/17) show him charting in the top 10. If this comes to pass it will be an amazing achievement; not many independents manage to do this, but with his existing fan base I think he stands a good chance. I certainly have my fingers crossed for him!


You may have seen him a few weeks ago playing small venues around Cornwall to promote his new music. Yesterday was even more intimate. Starting with a lunchtime session at Music Nostalgia record shop, Pannier Market in Truro, he certainly drew a sizeable crowd into such a small location. The session was streamed live, the set list, songs from the new album with Dream Catch Me thrown in for good measure. I’ve only listened to the album a couple of times so far and my favourites are Finger Tips and the title track Hit the Ground Running. HtGR is upbeat and positive, like many of his songs, and what you’d expect. Fingers Tips however is the most soulful I’ve heard Newton Faulkner; this beautiful love song really shows how good his voice really is!

After the show Newton happily stuck around signing things and of course, many selfies were taken. Just as I was leaving I got a message from Stuart Pitts. For those who don’t know him he’s the man behind MacMillan in the Mix. Mostly working with local artists, he organises events to raise money for the MacMillan charity. He was good enough to invite me along to Bang and Olufsen where Newton was going to play a couple of songs. Not one to miss such an opportunity of course I went along.

I was so glad I did! There was only about 15 of us in there, no amps, totally unplugged, just Newton and his guitar. I was then lucky enough to be introduced to the man himself. We only had a brief chat but he did tell me he has some fun stuff planned for his tour towards the end of the year. He didn’t give much away but he is a funny guy and his gigs always have a sense of humour to them. Dancing aliens and Kermit the frog impressions for example. Crowd participation is guaranteed. It’s not one I’m going to miss.

You can catch him on Monday 27th November at Princess Pavilion in Falmouth.
Tickets are on sale here:

Review by: Charlotte

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