Godstone & Moriaty

On Friday 8/9/17 I went to St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre to see Godstone, supported by Moriaty – both bands that I’ve been following for a while but not had chance to see before. 

The Venue

The refurbished Brewery Visitor Centre is St Austell’s newest venue and whilst they don’t do many gigs at the moment – the events that they do have tend to be top notch. Outside there is an pleasant decked area for smokers and the overheated, then access to the venue itself is up steep steps via the Hicks Bar and then through into the large room used for the gig itself. Here there’s plenty of space for a good sized crowd and the high ceiling ensures good acoustics. The only negative on Friday was that the bar closed at 11pm prompt but, as the band finished after this time, unfortunately anyone not in the know missed last orders.



The two piece Moriaty describe themselves as playing “filthy, dirty blues” and they should know best. For me though their heavy, driven sound is much rockier and darker than than the term blues implies – drummer Mathew Partridge pounds out the beats whilst guitarist Jordan West uses an impressive pedal board to create throbbing waves of sound that envelope and lift you up, carrying you along in a fast flowing current of energy. Jordan’s wonderful husky voice does has a bluesy quality to it however and whilst their advice on using Lenor to keep your towels soft was spot on, the rest of the banter between songs was definitely on the smutty side…

Overall it was a very enjoyable set: irreverent. hugely entertaining and definitely a treat for the ears!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/moriatysounds


“Awesome” is such an overused word nowadays that I hesitate to use it, but Godstone are very much awe-inspiring. This 5 piece metal outfit are so perfectly in synch and aware of each other that watching them raises the hairs on the back of your neck. Or it would if those hairs weren’t already on end from the sheer energy pulsating through the room. Singer, James McDonald has a ridiculously powerful voice and the ferocious rhythms from Matt Davy on drums and the wall of guitar and bass provided by John Kenward,  Alex Goodrich and Matthew Pascoe are just wonderful. My favourite memory of this gig is the moment the professional photographers got so caught up in the mood they abandoned cameras and lead the headbanging instead! 🙂

If you like your music VERY loud and heavy, this band are highly recommended!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/godstoneofficial

Review by: Debi

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