Dië Spanglë with Multitap, Pons Buffalo

Driftwood Spars, St Agnes – 15/09/17
Well done Lizzie and the Driftwood team for taking a risk and putting on a fantastic night of indie, new wave and punk. The place was rammed and quickly turned into a sweatbox of noise.

Opening was newly formed three-piece from Cardiff, Multitap, featuring local legend KFuss on drums. They travelled down from Cardiff to play their first ever gig and made a lot of new friends with their fast-paced indie-punk. Their singer and guitarist is even called Jethro, even though he is Welsh. Watch out for these boys they are fresh and totally on the button.

Next up was Pons Buffalo, at last playing a gig with their full line up. Alice Thacker is an accomplished singer songwriter and has recently released her own album, ‘Stop the Search’ on iTunes and together with Bex Walker, add power and style to this surf/psych/prog/punk band. The set belonged to Gus on drums, who at 13 drummed his young heart out. Ross Falco (The Stalks) plays bass and Ian (ex Scarecrows) on guitar and vocals.

With tracks like ‘Muscle Car Dreamin’ and ‘Bart Ramon’, Pons Buffalo are an interesting mix of rock, punk, surf and even disco in places. The audience loved it and so did they!

Headlining were the well-established punk rockers from Penzance, Dië Spanglë. Very quickly the audience were moshing, dancing, laughing and singing along. Their show is a visual triumph, complete with a dancing unicorn, a Top Shop manikin and Donald Trump figurines. Jim on vocals gave a superb focused performance and St Agnes gave them a warm welcome and were soon singing along to ‘Noize Complaint’, ‘Fear Ikea’ and ‘Shark Attack on Long Rock Beach’. They are currently in the studio recording a new album and it is going to be excellent.


The whole evening was fun, exciting, interactive and happening. It is so refreshing to see 3 original bands giving their all.

Well done Driftwood: keep ‘em coming.

Review by Keef Purple

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Dië Spanglë – Noize Complaint filmed at The Studio Bar, Penzance:

Pons Buffalo – Brutalist

Multitap – filmed at the gig

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