The Membranes

Looe Music festival, Saturday 30/09/17
At 7pm on Saturday night on the main stage at the Looe Music Festival, lead singer and bassist, John Robb welcomed the crowd to 45 minutes of Blackpool post-punk and weather.

A brilliant booking by the Looe Festival team; The Membranes are on the top of their game right now having just returned from a sell out tour in Europe with The Sisters of Mercy, and they didn’t disappoint.

Formed in 1977 in Blackpool and then reformed in 2009 after an invitation to play at the All Tomorrows Parties festival by My Bloody Valentine, The Membranes have an impressive back catalogue having released 7 albums.

Most of the set was from their highly acclaimed 2015 album Dark Matter / Dark Energy. The opened with the discordant and dark “The Universe Explodes into a Billion Photons of Pure White Light” and went on to play “Dark Energy”, “In the Graveyard”, “Do the Supernova” “Space Junk”, “21st Century Man”, “Money is Dust” and “The Hum of the Universe” from this album. Within this set there were nods to Killing Joke, PIL, Sonic Youth and others.

Despite a slightly muddy bass sound the band were tight and played with style and skill and the crowd were receptive and enthusiastic disregarding the rain that was trying to put a damper on it. Along the way John reminded us to enjoy life, make love (not his words) and dance or else King Neptune would surge over the fencing and return us to the sea. So we did.

The set was finished of by the early track “Myths and Legends” which was a superb end to a brilliant, refreshing and surprising gig.

Review by Keef Purple

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