Olive Haigh / Annie E.E.L / The Worm

Old Bakery Studios, Truro 18/11/17
An amazing evening is guaranteed at this fabulously cool and cosy vibed venue. The forty or so souls were not disappointed.

The Worm

First on was an artist going under the moniker of The Worm, playing guitar, cello and looped vocal. Her half hour set started with volunteers from the audience assisting in pouring and re-pouring Ricedream milk into a jug, The Worm accompanying them with altered vocals. Wow! it was totally ‘out there’ – I was hooked!

Her performance continued in a very different direction with an a capella looped vocal piece. Then next a song using her cello, again in another totally different direction singing a repeated one line lyric hook. Haunting stuff. I was transfixed. Another similar more lyrically complex song continued this fantastic set. Finishing with a newly written (only yesterday) short piece.

It is such a joy to come upon this kind of minimalist musician/singer locally who also is just at the beginning of her musical life journey. Each piece follows an entirely unique pathway. This is an artist you need to witness in a small, quiet, live arena to grasp what she is about.

Check her out on SoundCloud here:


Annie E.E.L

The next artist on stage was ANNIE E.E.L. Who took us on another exhilarating half hour journey in an opposite galaxy of delights. Her performance is disco beat based (I am somewhat of a Philistine of this genre so may have totally incorrectly got this wrongly addressed). Annie and the guitarist got into their zones and fully focused on their craft. They were both very busy in creating a beautiful flowing beat sound with silk like lyrics from Annie. I have seen Annie in the past when she spearheaded Hockeysmith who released a couple of 12” singles in their day. I totally adore the way they focused themselves .

There was more incredible music yet to thrill us …

Olive Haigh

For headliner OLIVE HAIGH the stage was set with nothing except a microphone. Olive strode on wearing a dark cloak and her trademark rouge lipstick. For those who are unaware of her repertoire and style, she plays an autoharp and sings songs about strange dreams. Mesmerising is one of many superlatives you could use for Olive as time appears to stand still.

A stunning performance, her strengths are many. This was the fifth time I have seen her perform and Olive just blows me away every time. I experienced too much joy for me to express in a review but amongst her set she performed a newish song about a familiar which contains all her text book unique style. Again an artist you must see live on a stage!

I am still reeling about what a fantastic and eclectically different trio of artists we witnessed that evening.

Review by: John Harvey Pegg

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