Old Ale House, Truro – Wednesday 06/12/17
So its a wet and windy Wednesday evening in Truro; there’s late night shopping and Christmas stalls and the Old Ale House have put on a fairly-new-on-the-scene three piece band to keep the punters, that wander in out of the cold, happy. You don’t often get original bands in the Ale House but Robin had spotted these guys at the Monday Jam and thought they were worth a try, and what an excellent decision that turned out to be!

Majaro started early (7.30pm) and were playing to a mostly sober pub which is never easy but they very quickly had an appreciative audience. I don’t like to pigeon hole bands but think of all your favourite 70s Rock and Funk bands with a bit of Kravitz and Iggy Pop and some quirky Garage mixed in there as well and you’d have a good idea of how the first set went. Fantastic guitar and bass from Matt Partridge and Rowan Nightingale, some very interesting original material from their debut EP Colour Blind and some excellent covers of Led Zeppelin and Hendrix.

With the 2nd set though they ramped it up a peg or two and drummer Josh Cross started going to town with exuberant, catchy rhythms that had people grooving and grinding. They did a kick ass cover of Royal Blood’s “Out Of The Black” and followed this up with a really funky number that I think was called “Million Miles Away”, an original song that had the bottom end of the pub really letting their hair down. This was quickly followed by some more great original tracks and a cover of Queens Of The Stone Age “No One Knows”. Matt then started to channel Steve Marriott and really let rip – he has a heck of a voice and for the final song “Migraine” had people literally standing there with their mouths open, jaws scraping the floor as he suddenly showed what he can really do!

Wonderful stuff! Check them out on Facebook and get along to a gig as soon as you can these lads are fantastic!

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