Radio St Austell Bay Fundraiser

The Band Club in St Austell hosted quite a party yesterday (24/02/18). Some of the best bands currently on the Cornish circuit and certainly something for everyone with the music ranging through folk, blues, punk, america and some serious rock. It was a fantastic day and it went like this:

First up Lucy with her wonderful sonorous voice:


Next, the mighty King Creature doing an acoustic version of their “Volume One” favourites, plus a preview of a new song.

Then those lovely lads Oh Majester who just blow me away every time I see them:

Alex Giles & Neville Tabb were up next – here they are doing their version of a Leadbelly song:

They were followed by The Viewers – sharp shoes, beautiful shirts, a 12 string Rickenbacker and a wonderfully authentic 60’s vibe – unfortunately not caught on video as it malfunctioned, but caught on camera at least:


From then on it all started to get a lot wilder, with the evenings shenanigans kicked off in style by the incredible 50 Year Storm, who rattled the rafters and left us all in awe:

Bastard then wreaked havoc across the stage (and dance floor) like this:

and WAXX with their crashing waves of drum and bass didn’t give any respite either:

Finally Honey came on to sooth everything down… not!

All in all an epic afternoon and evening of music, and hopefully one that raised a lot of money for charity to boot. Thank you Sheila Vanloo of Radio St Austell Bay!

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