Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys

Old Bakery Studios, 07/03/18
A well planned and beautifully executed evening of exciting music, an intimate candle lit space, a well stocked bar and the redolent aroma of Punk Thai spices drifting in from the buffet bar serving Pad Thai, Spring Rolls and delicious Red Thai curry pasties…. mmmm! As usual the Old Bakery Studios in Truro pulled it off with style and highly entertaining night of REAL music was had under its roof.

Honey & The Bear

Honey & the Bear kicked this wonderful night off, performing songs full of intriguing folklore from their Suffolk coast, alongside heartfelt compositions about Great Uncle William, love, betrayal and other life adventures. This multi-instrumentalist duo, comprised of songwriters Jon Hart (guitar, bass, mandolin) and Lucy Sampson (guitar, ukulele, bass, banjo & percussion), have been writing together since early 2014 and the amalgamation of their unique musical styles makes for a dynamic and ever-changing live performance. Lucy’s voice is absolutely superb, ranging from sweet and uplifting smoky and sultry – like listening to Sade in a folk setting.

Here they are performing “Dark Heart” a soulful little ditty about Eva who ripped out her own heart and threw it into the sea after being let down by a philandering Sailor:

Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys

Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys: Sam Kelly (guitar), Jamie Francis (banjo), Evan Carson (percussion), Ciaran Algar (fiddle, tenor guitar, bouzouki), Graham Coe (cello), Toby Shaer (flutes, pipes, whistles, fiddle, cittern) and Archie Moss (melodeon) – what can I say? You were brilliant! 7th night of a hectic tour that got off to a rather dramatic start with the heavy snow in Englandshire last week but such an energetic and enthusiastic performance. I loved the way they played together, so attuned to each other and to the atmosphere in the room. The resulting music was fantastic but just as good were all the little stories and the banter and humour in between.

Eclectic and highly intoxicating, the mix of traditional sing-along favourites like “The Keeper” with contemporary tunes of their own, a beautiful modern folk song in Cornish with a fast and folkified version of “Sultans of Swing” was spot on! Add a heap of  youthful exuberance and some serious instrumental skillz and (of course) Sam Kelly’s great voice and you have a night of first class, no holds barred, music and fun. So much so that the dancing got a tad out of hand at one point and unplugged something vital. Did this phase them? Not at all! No they just unplugged and came offstage to do an intimate acoustic version of the Greenland Whale instead.

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