Godstone EP Launch

A year to the day and it’s back to St Austell Brewery to see Godstone again. Last time was their debut gig – this time the launch of their 5 track EP MONUMENT OF ONE.

The evening started off with the new 3 piece Little Clone Humans. This was their debut gig and I sincerely hope that this will be the start of an equally good year for them. Sam Howard (lead guitar/vox) promised us the night was going to be “heavy, heavy and very loud!” and he wasn’t wrong! Little Clone Humans were a perfect way to start, Sam, Jack & Will have a superbly confident stage presence and some really excellent early material that got everyone in the mood nice and early. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of these guys!

Next up The Sum Of. This is a band that should be way bigger and better known than they are (outside of Cornwall). Full of passion and fully engrossed in the creative moment they sometimes seem so deep into the music that they almost forget they are on stage. Then they look up and go “Oh look, people! Hello!”. That’s not to say the audience don’t feel a part of the moment – quite the opposite. Looking round every single person appeared (like me) to be transfixed by Ralf’s amazing voice and the exciting magic being created by Wes, John & Paul around him.

I just ❤ the way their music pours over you, its like standing under a waterfall in full spate. You are pummeled by the pounding rhythms but end up feeling invigorated, uplifted and refreshed, tingling all over and very, very alive. Wonderful stuff!


And so on to GODSTONE and no surprises here – I’ve written about them before and I just love what they do! The new material for the EP is just as powerful as you’d expect and their sound is tighter than ever. Those heart-pounding staccato riffs! Those incredibly powerful grooves and the slickness and precision of these 5 superb metal-masters is a rare treat. Dressed all in black, lean and mean and carefully choreographed, like some demonic boy-band but a million times sexier… they are (as one fan said) “sick as tits”.  I can’t argue with that, and it was an undeniably monumental album launch!

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