Album Review: Blue River

Blue River – Life Imitating Art

From its joyous opener “Elegance” right through to the laid back closing track “Love Songs Forever”, Life Imitating Art is an indie-pop masterclass with songs that many bands who’ve been around for years would die for and it’s packed with great harmonies, anthemic choruses and melodies.

First listens to this album were in the car and while it’s still early spring, the songs have a warm summery feel and you know they are going to go down so well at the many festivals and upcoming gigs.

Having now had the chance to listen properly through headphones, I can now really appreciate the layers of sounds and additional instrumentation in the mix. It sounds flawless, such a great production with pounding drums, driving basslines and a mix of crisp to jangly guitars with the occasional dirty guitar riffing such as on “How Do You Sleep”. The vocals are clear and fit the songs perfectly with the harmonies adding even more quality and depth to the songs.

There is a real mix of styles and you can hear the inspirations of some ‘90s & ‘00s indie rock royalty (Oasis, The Charlatans, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys) as well as some quite uniquely Blue River sounds such as with the funky guitar and beats of “Friday Night Love Fight“.

Current favourite tracks? It’s hard to chose but I’ve narrowed it down to four; “Elegance”, “How Do You Sleep”, “Friday Night Love Fight” and “Lose It All” but to be honest, there’s no fillers on this thirteen-track release and all the tracks stand proud.

Genuinely loving this album and I’m really looking forward to playing more on It Could Get Loud over the coming months.

If you love your music a bit on the indie-rock side, this is definitely one for you. Album release date is 28th of May 2018 with a launch at one of Cornwall’s newest and coolest new music venues, the Old Bakery Studios in Truro with support from the brilliant The Rezner and WAXX. Tickets are only six quid in advance and doors open at 7.30pm

Mark O’Brien
Presenter – It Could Get Loud
Monday night rock show on CHBN Radio

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