Gwenno & Mildred Maud

Old Bakery Studios, 04/05/18
This was my first trip to the Old Bakery Studios; I had heard good things about the venue and I can see why. A walk down a psychedelic corridor takes you to an industrial basement complete with pop up bar and oriental street food. It is very cool! This was also a sold out gig, which was not surprising as Gwenno’s latest album is getting rave reviews.

Mildred Maud

First up was Falmouth’s Mildred Maud who did a 39 minute performance of CPA I-III. This was recorded at the Sawmill studios and has just been released on Weird Beard records. It is an epic piece of music, but quite challenging for some of the audience, as it is dense. A brave and raw performance. Good stuff.


Gwenno’s latest album is entirely in Cornish and is fantastic. She performed most of the album, as well as a couple from her first album that is all in Welsh.
Her perfomance was accompanied by live visuals by Mark Jenkin – a backdrop of black and white film featuring Cornish beauty spots and people and I enjoyed spotting Porthgwarra and Porthcurnow amongst others.

This was a fantastic gig and one of the best I have seen in Truro (Gong, Buzzcocks, Rufus Wainwright score highly too!) and it was a real treat to see her and her fantastic band in such an intimate setting. I must also mention her bassist, who was a real stylish and beautiful player.

Gwenno herself was confident and clearly enjoyed the gig. She danced and joked, played keyboard and her voice was superb. She managed to (just about) get us singing in Cornish on the fantastic upbeat song Eus Keus? Which is all about cheese – who’d have thought. Having run out of songs, she came out and gave us another chance by playing it again.

We sent her off with an “Oggie, Oggie, Oggie” and I can pretty confidently say they we were all blown away.

Brilliant….! She is playing Port Elliot by the way.


Keef Purple

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