QotSA at Eden

Eden Sessions, Eden Project 03/07/18
What a night! Two hours of pure magic, Eden style. Full on grungy, punked up metal vibes as the twilight of paradise softly faded around us and the biomes began to glow eerily.

Queens of the Stone Age started as they meant to go on, firing straight into “Song For The Deaf” followed neatly by “Sick, Sick, Sick” and then one much loved song after another: “Feet Don’t Fail Me”, “The Way You Used To Do”, “Little Sister”, “My God Is The Sun”, “If I Had A Tail”, “Domesticated Animals”, a wonderful extended version of “No One Knows”, the beautifully chilled “Villains of Circumstance” and others, before ramping the energy up again and climaxing with “Make It Wit Chu”, “Go With The Flow” and “A Song For The Dead”.

“Look at that bubble behind of me! …and there’s another bubble over here! …and I’ve been living in a bubble my whole life!
Well lets burst each others’ bubbles and have a good time!”
Josh Homme

Josh Homme had the 6K capacity audience in stitches as he bantered with them about taking mushrooms on stage, the other band members’ dress sense and for fans talking when he was talking. He also waxed lyrical about the beauty of Eden and made the serious point that the project is an “exhibition of individuality” that we should celebrate and aspire to live up to.

The crowd whooped and cheered and sang their hearts out, whilst Coast 2 Coast Security were run off their feet by the continuous waves of crowd surfers surging over the barrier. Free Beer shampoos were given throughout the front rows and in the true spirit of Cornwall someone wanged a flip-flop onto the stage. Josh reciprocated by throwing us a bottle of vodka, and everyone was happy!

It’s being spoken about as the greatest rock gig to be held at Eden, possibly even in Cornwall. Were you there – do you agree?

Thanks to: Michael Packman, Steven Williams and Matt Partridge Music for the photos, and to Ian Fussell for the video!

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