Doyle, King Creature etc

Old Bakery Studios, Truro 17/07/18
Never having been to a “blood-soaked horror punk” night before I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this one. Creeping down the long, dark passageway into the Old Bakery & creaking open the heavy door I was seared by a blast of heat from the dark, fetid interior. Entering a scene with more skulls and skeletons than the deck of the Black Pearl it seemed as if hell had set up camp in Truro for the night… It’s safe to say I felt ever so slightly out of my comfort zone!

Rash Decision

The first band on seemed very appropriately named then, but I soon found that I liked their brand of Thrash Punk. Hailing from Falmouth but touring all over Europe Rash Decision play very loud and very fast and swear… a lot! Each song only seems to last a few seconds and stampedes across the stage like all the hounds of hell are chasing it. Apparently they are very angry but I didn’t get that vibe. Instead, I found their quirky irreverence very endearing.

Off The Cross

The second band, Off The Cross from Merksem in Belgium, were very interesting. If you took a Tuvan Throat Singer, gave him acid and a microphone and locked him in a room full of tarantulas you might get something close to singer Jens De Vos’ style, but they’d have to be big tarantulas – the bird eating kind… What a voice! I have no idea what their stuff was about but it hit hard and was very impressive.

King Creature

As always King Creature blew me away! I had wondered how they’d hold their own in this very hard core arena but they can be bad boys too! Dave Kellaway made me laugh by appearing on stage in fancy red beach shoes but then once the Creature started to rock, the damned screamed, demons were summoned and Lucifer got down on the floor and head banged with the rest of us.



And so finally, Doyle exploded on stage, accompanied by fire and brimstone from bat-shit crazy drummer Wade Murff.

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (ex Misfits) looked fabulous with his skull face and ripped chest. He glistened and glowed red, like a fiend…. until he blew a huge pink bubble and spoiled the effect. His custom-made “Annihilator” guitar looked and sounded awesome and Brandon Strate’s “Devilwing” bass looked very cool too. Singer Alex “Wolfman” Story ricocheted around the stage introducing every song with his trademark “This is like a love song, you can dance if you want to” while the audience heckled good naturedly and thrashed along. It was spectacular!

Ear drums were shattered, eyeballs and even ribs were blasted out of bodies by the barrage of noise and now decorate the back wall. In the end there were no rivers of blood, only rivers of sweat which put out the hell fires and left the stage and everyone around it a bit… moist… but what a blast!

Sometimes its good to venture outside your comfort zone 😈

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