EP Review: Circle of Crows

Circle Of Crows – Everything Comes After Zero

Sometimes you come across a band and you either think “How have I not heard these before?” or “How is this band not absolutely massive?”… or both of those things. Circle of Crows ticks the ‘both of these things’ box.

Formed in Newquay in early 2017 Kyle Gormley – Guitar/Vocals, Josh Smith – Bass and Steve Sudlow – Drums, sound like they have been playing together for much longer when laying down some intricate riffs or slick grooves on their soon to be released six track EP Everything Comes After Zero (17th August 2018).

I’ve got to think myself lucky that the band were kind enough to let me have a pre-release copy of the EP and it’s been playing regularly through my headphones and on the It Could Get Loud! radio show ever since.

As musicians, their technical ability is evident. Circle of Crows are one of those bands that you could easily forget are a three piece. Broken Children for example has a cool rolling riff and dirty bass with Steve’s drums blending almost metronomic precision to free-flowing groove. The track also steps it up and kicks ass half way through.

Nightmare Cinema and How To Wait For Nothing have a great heavy sound with each instrument shining through and Kyle’s vocals soaring over them. Heavy riffs, time changes, cool breakdown sections and massive choruses. This is one tight sounding band.

Adding depth to the EP are mellower tracks Into The Sun and Open Doors starting with clean atmospheric guitars and building into glorious endings with a peppering of natural harmonics and strings to add even more warmth to the tracks. I hope the band wouldn’t mind me saying that these tracks wouldn’t sound out of place on an Incubus record and that is sincerely meant as a complement to the quality of the writing and playing.

Title track Everything Comes after Zero doesn’t mess around, and is straight in with loads of energy, angular almost Rage Against The Machine riffing and tight rhythm breaking down to another brilliant chorus.

The production on the EP is superb. It’s a really clean, crisp sound which really does allow all the instruments and vocals to ring out.

Checking the bands Facebook page, there doesn’t seem to be any upcoming gigs listed just yet however with the release of this EP in less than a month, we can only hope that they will be plugging in and playing loud somewhere soon.

Remember the date – 17th August and remember the name Circle of Crows, your new favourite band.

Find and follow them here:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/CircleOfCrowsUK
Instagram – www.instagram.com/CircleOfCrowsUK
Twitter – www.twitter.com/CircleOfCrowsUK
YouTube – www.youtube.com/channel/UCq8lWpqkJ4ITrTe9_rdKttg

Mark O’Brien
Presenter – It Could Get Loud
Monday night rock show on CHBN Radio

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