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04/05/18 – Old Bakery Studios, Truro
Gwenno with Mark Jenkin + Mildred Maude

Gwenno Saunders sings with indie pop group The Pipettes, she also performs as a solo artist and has recently released her 2nd album Le Kov (a place of memory) which is sung entirely in Cornish. (Interesting side note: despite not having spent much time in Cornwall, Gwenno grew up speaking Cornish and Welsh (English was her 3rd language) as her father Tim Saunders is a noted Cornish language poet and Gorsedh Bard, and Gwenno’s mother, Lyn Mererid, is a Welsh language activist). Her current material is an exploration of the individual and collective subconcious & the ‘dream state’, the myths  of Cornwall, and the history of the survival of the Cornish language and culture.
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01/08/18 – Old Bakery Studios, Truro
Damien O’Kane & Ron Block

Irish folk meets US bluegrass:~ Having collaborated and shared the stage in the past with none other than Kate Rusby, Damien O’Kane & Ron Block are now embarking on their first tour together. They will be joined by a band of wonderful musicians and together will play material from their debut album, due for release July 2018, as well as a few signature pieces of their own.
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10/11/18 – Old Bakery Studios, Truro
Gaz Brookfield

The rumbustious Gaz Brookfield stormed OBS in 2017 and there have been many requests for his return since then. So as part of his national tour, Gaz kindly makes it across the Tamar to pay us a visit on Nov 10th.
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17/11/18 – Old Bakery Studios, Truro
The Urban Folk Quartet

The Urban Folk Quartet are difficult to box into just one genre. Yes, it is fiddle-led music that draws heavily from celtic dance forms and traditional song, but beyond that it is unlike any folk band you have ever heard as UFQ’s approach to the folk ethos is to embrace any and every influence that genuinely makes sense of their time and place, and makes sense in their music. From funk grooves to middle-eastern melodies, afrobeat to north Indian rhythms, they embrace it all and make it their own.
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