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This notice is required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


This website is for information only.

I do not collect or store any information at all about visitors to this website. There is no email link, contact form or telephone number on this website. If you wish to contact Live Bands Cornwall please message me via the FaceBook page or if you wish to contact Music Events Truro please message me via the FaceBook page


If you contact me via the FaceBook messages link please be aware that I will “archive” your message within FaceBook, once it has been dealt with, and keep it for reference purposes. I will not store any copy outside of FaceBook or use any personal information provided in, or with, the message for any purpose other than that requested by you – for example to advertise an upcoming event.

If you would prefer me to delete the message once it has been dealt with, please let me know.

For information on FaceBook’s privacy policy please click here:


The hosting for is provided, for free, by and includes cookies and visitor monitoring that is run by WordPress. I do not have any control over this and I do not use any of the information gathered, for marketing, or any other purpose.

For information on their privacy policy please click here:


I write about upcoming music events in Cornwall and also review events after they have happened. The gig reviews often include video that I have recorded at the event or photographs taken at the event. Please message me via the FaceBook page if you would like me to remove any image or video clip, or edit the text that I have written. If you don’t have a Facebook account please leave a comment on this page and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Full details of your rights regarding data privacy can be found at

Live Bands Cornwall
Music Events Truro


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